Tuesday, February 19, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Not a great week, sewing-wise.  I haven't finished the blue elephant quilt.  It is sitting in my closet waiting to be quilted.  I tried putting the leftovers from Time and Again together and that was a bust.  I'm going to try and salvage that, but we'll see.  I did get some crayon rolls made.  One has a home; the other will be in reserve.  I need to get some coloring books to go with the crayon rolls.  I also need to make some girl rolls.


Let's see, I learned from the two I made at Christmas that the ends of the ribbon need to be reinforced so they don't fray. For me, the fabric needed to be 1/2 inch longer so that 16 crayons could fit in the roll.  I had intended for the brownish fabric (men at work) to be on the outside of  both rolls and the others (fireman related) to be on the inside but I cut the fabric the wrong sizes.  I need to remember to read the directions. it worked out okay, though.  Pattern from here. (As I was searching for that link, I ran across a crayon roll that used a hair tie instead of ribbon -- good idea!)

So here's how my week went.

Tuesday - "organized" stash
Wednesday -nothing
Thursday - played with scraps, sewed some together
Friday - worked with scraps, some more
Saturday - nothing
Sunday -made two crayon rolls
Monday - nothing

I am going to take Kate's advice to heart and try to figure out a way to reinvent my space. One thing I can do is to take the extra time to organize my projects and have them in a special area so they are easier to find.  I think I'll spend another day this coming week and try and get more organized.

Anyway, to link up with Kate or to see how others did on their 15 minutes a day, click here.


Kate said...

Love the crayon rolls. They look so fun. It's too bad DT became a teenager, I so used to enjoy coloring with her when she was little.

Good luck reinventing your space. I hope you pick up some ideas from the links. I didn't get a chance to look at many of them. I'm hoping to pick up some more tips for my sewing room.

Marti said...

I love your crayon rolls. I like the blue on the outside too, planned or not. If you come up with any good organizing ideas, please post them. I am looking for all things mobile right now.

Shay said...

The crayon rolls look fantastic. Sometimes those little projects are a lot more fun to do than a large quilting project.

And thats the exact tute I use to make my crayon rolls. I think I used coloured twill tape to make the last lot because it holds up better than ribbon.

After seeing all the re-organising that’s going on around the place I feel like I need to do my own space !

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