Saturday, May 18, 2013

Biscotti, Breads and other goodies

This week I've started  making biscotti.  Why? you may ask.  Well, my son (OS -- oldest son) and his fiancee (FOOS, fiancee of oldest son) have asked me to make some biscotti for their wedding and I am testing out recipes.  I bought this book from Amazon.

I tried two of the recipes.  They were okay, but not great.  For one thing, they were more like cookies and less like biscotti.  They weren't hard enough.  They got a little harder overnight, but still not where I think it should be.  I'm going to re-try the espresso and white chocolate macadamia nuts ones in my "old" recipe.

My "old" recipe is one I got from a friend (about a million years ago).  I decided to combine recipes from the book with my basic "old" recipe.  When making the new recipes v. the old one, there were a couple of differences.  My "old" recipe does not have butter and the new ones do.  that might account for a lot.  I also did a couple of other things differently with the old recipe and those things might make the difference (amount of flour, kneading, baking time, sitting time, etc.).  

If any of you has (or is it have?) a biscotti recipe that you've used and liked, please pass it on.  I'm going to need to make a ton of biscotti come August and I'd like to know what I'm making before then.

I also recently got a recipe from my Uncle Walter, for some bread he makes, modified from this cookbook which I got from Amazon. 

My cousins all swear by it.  I am planning to make that this weekend.  (Probably not good for my diet, but I'll have to show restraint.)


Shay said...

Snap..I made bread rolls from scratch yesterday. Seems we're on the same wavelength!

Cant help you out with a biscotti recipe because I've never attempted it myself. Good luck with finding a keeper!

Kate said...

I checked with My Guy (the resident baker in this house), he recommends the maple walnut biscotti recipe over at King Arthur. Here's the link ( He makes these for Christmas and his family adores them. Kink Arthur has a whole set of biscotti recipes. Just type biscotti in the search box on the home page and you'll get a whole set of recipes. My Guy uses a lot of King Arthur recipes and they always turn out great.

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