Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Update

so, of the 8 things I had planned, I think I only accomplished four five.  In baseball, that's batting over .500 which is a great average, so I'll go with that.

1 - plant flowers - done.  no, pics and I should plant more.  We'll see about this weekend.
2 - mow the grass - done. (not by me, but done none the less).
3 - clean the bathroom(s) - I did get a head start on these on Thursday, but that still counts.
4 - finish AJ quilt - I didn't touch this all weekend. I need to baste it this week.
5 - make baby boy quilt - thought about this, but didn't get anywhere
6 - start on sock monkey quilt - Did this - cut out fabric, made two rows.
7 - clean out pan cupboards - done!
8 - straighten linen closet

For those in the US, I hope you had a great Memorial Day yesterday.  We had a cook out yesterday for Memorial Day and combined it with our youngest grandson's first birthday.

Here's a picture of the birthday boy.


Shay said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your gorgeous grandson. He is just so cute!

I think you did a great job of getting through stuff on that list.

Katie said...

That's pretty good! I finished off about 10 of my 15 list thing for may so far. Happy birthday CS

Kate said...

Happy belated Birthday to youngest grandson. He is certainly a cutie!


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