Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Long Weekend List

So for this upcoming long weekend, I have lots of plans.  First, Saturday is Cooper's first birthday.  A good grandma would make something for her grandson, but I'll probably just get him some cars or a train or something. Sunday, we have a end of year party to go to.  Monday, we are hosting a family barbeque. 

However, I want to accomplish some other things as well. Here's my list:

1 - plant flowers
2 - mow the grass
3 - clean the bathroom(s)
4 - finish AJ quilt
5 - make baby boy quilt
6 - start on sock monkey quilt
7 - clean out pan cupboards
8 - straighten linen closet

But first I need to get through today and then I can focus on the weekend.  I have an "event" at my office today and I'm worried about how it's going to turn out.

Oh, and I need to stop playing games ..


Shay said...

Wow Thea- that's a huge list for one weekend no matter how long it is !

Good Luck - take it easy and have some fun!

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Wow Thea - your list would frustrate me - way to many things to do. Good luck, I hope you´ll get everything done.

Kate said...

Hope your work event went well.