Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Project

So, here are some pics of my current project. 

I didn't fussy cut the animals, but I think that's okay, though on some of the blocks you only see the back end of some of the animals (like the top left corner of the yellow block).  I would think that somewhere there would be a bunch of blocks with just heads, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

Here are the four colors together.  I think it's looking pretty good.  There are four reverse blocks as well; one in each color.  I'm excited to see how it will look when the blocks are all done.  Makes me wish I had a design wall.  Some day I will.  For now, I'll have to be content with a design floor.

I was just thinking that what happens with me is that I get started on a project and I get all gung-ho* and work to finish it, and then there's nothing to do so I stop sewing for a bit ..  The solution is to have multiple projects, all the time.

*such an odd phrase.  wonder where it came from?


Shay said...

Your blocks are looking terrific Thea. It's going to make a lovely quilt.

Multiple projects are the way to go but you might end up like me with 11 things sitting on your sidebar!

Marg said...

Love those blocks, and I think they look fabulous without fussy cutting.

Katie said...

Looks good. I have better cutting some hexagons for a project.

Kate said...

Fun blocks. It's going to be a really fun quilt.

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