Monday, September 30, 2013

Jelly Rolls and Pink Elephants

This has been a good sewing week.  On Sunday, while the boys were watching football and arguing all the fine points, I locked myself in my room and sewed.  I put the jelly roll quilt together and cut the blocks for the pink elephant quilt.  I've got three tops finished.  Now it's time to finish the quilts.

This was made using this pattern, but I totally copied this quilt here -- amazing that it looks as different as it does.



Marg said...

Looking good, nice colours in the jelly roll top.
I always stall at the putting the quilt together stage. I'm usually fairly quick to put the quilt top together but then I procrastinate for ages before I get around to basting and quilting it.

Shay said...

The jelly roll quilt looks terrific and those pink elephants are so sweet.

I think you've found your mojo Thea. Im so impressed by your progress of late.

Yep-what Marg said..Im good at starting stuff and not so hot at finishing!

Southern Gal said...

I love your jelly roll quilt. I have a jelly roll I've been hanging on to for two years. It's Christmas themed, so I'd really like to get something done with it. ;)

Anna said...

I love the jelly roll quilt. I think you should have it for your bed spread!

Kate said...

Love the jelly roll quilt! Just that hint of gold in some of the blocks makes a great contrast.


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