Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cocktail Wednesday - Moose Milk

This is a little late but I actually had the Wednesday Cocktail on Wednesday.  This week's cocktail was Moose Milk, recipe from here.

The ingredients are:

  • ice cream
  • rum
  • irish cream
  • kahlua

I substituted frozen yogurt for the ice cream, a Costa Rican coffee liqueur for the Kahlua and Chocolate vodka for the rum (so basically I didn't even get the right ingredients).

I used about 2 cups of yogurt, 1.5 oz of vodka, 1.5 oz of the coffee liqueur, and 1.5 oz of the Bailey's.

No pictures of the drinks but they were quite yummy, even if I didn't follow the recipe.  This is a 4/5.  I would definitely drink it if offered.  I might not make it again, but mostly because I love regular milkshakes and for the calories, I like that better.

So make sure you join Shay and Marg and me again later this week .. for our next cocktail this Wednesday ...


Shay said...

Its unanimous ...we all liked it a lot !

You can put whatever you like into Moose milk...there are NO wrong ingredients. Another bonus!

Kate said...

Sounds like an interesting and yummy drink.

Marg said...

Yay, finally one we all like!


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