Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 5 - Feb 1-7

Feb 1 - Alum Rock Park

Feb 2 - Super Bowl Sunday

Feb 3 - a tree in bloom

 Feb 4 - on my desk
(not sure what it means -- it's probably upside down or sideways)

Feb 5 - Cocktail Wednesday

Feb 6 - going to Starbucks
I tried to get a good shot of my nails. 
Should have had someone else take it.

 Feb 7 - Under my desk


Kate said...

Interesting pictures. Tho Super Bowl treats are really cute.

Shay said...

The footballs look a lot like our chocolate crackles without the patty pans – what was in those?

Absolutely beautiful tree shot...lovely flowers /blossoms!

Another interesting pictorial rendition of your week.

I may just have to try that for this week !

Katie said...

Sticking with it! I took almost 365 photos last year this year I haven't even come close. But I also have been home all year.

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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