Monday, January 26, 2015

Block of the Month w/Katie

So one of the items on Katie's list, #34, is to do a new project with me!! She suggested doing a block of the month quilt.  Together we picked a modern BOM.  Here's the link.

and the first block


I was going to use these fabrics but changed my mind...

These are the fabrics I bought to use instead.

And here is my first block.  It's actually a little small .. I guess I need to re-do it.  

 Here's a link to Katie's blog and her first block.


Katie said...

Mine was small too I added an inch to each measurement the second time! I also couldn't find my 12.5 inch square ruler. Looks great

Peg said...

Oh, those first fabrics are fun, but the second ones are to die for!!!! That is going to be one beautiful quilt!

Kate said...

I hope you find a use for that block because it's quite stunning. Love those colors.


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