Friday, January 2, 2015

Quilt Ideas

A friend of mine gave me this for Christmas:

It has a few quilts that I really like -- the front cover for one.  Here are the pictures of the other ones I like (and may make this year).

This looks to be a Christmas quilt -- could be a fun one to make.

This reminds me of my YD's duvet cover.

This is another one -- could be in various colors.  Actually there's one more I really liked but didn't snap a picture.

Lots of good ideas for this year.  Kind of inspiring me to get started. 


Southern Gal said...

I love quilt books. I've gotten two recently. The strip set one looks interesting.

Kate said...

I like the first one and the last one. All of them will be fun to make. Have you picked one to start yet?

Kirsten said...

That sure looks like a nice book. Can´t wait to see the quilts you will make!

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