Monday, January 5, 2015

Sewing Kits

I previously posted pictures of the sewing kits*  in progress and then earlier this week I showed you one finished kit.  Here's the progression...

The fabric.  So very pretty.  
I have some leftovers; not sure what I'll do with those.

 The forms cut with the labels ironed and sewn on.

hard to tell where this was in the process.  I can't see if the pockets were added yet, but definitely not the binding or the strap.

This was my first time making a bias binding and I was terrified so I put off finishing these until December 23rd.  It turned out to be much easier than I thought and I was so mad at myself doing that.

A finished and filled kit! 

Here's what I put inside -- the Altoids tin holds safety and straight pins.

and here's what my YD had to say about it.  I think she liked it.

This one is for my OD.  I am taking it with me to England to give to her there.

This one I gave to one of my DILs.  I don't have a good picture of the fourth one :(.

*pattern, fabric, and labels from Sweetwater.  I just love their stuff / projects / patterns and fabrics.


Southern Gal said...

They're just lovely, Thea. you did an excellent job picking out and sewing these gifts.

Katie said...


Anna said...

So creative! You are very clever to think of these and actually follow through and make them.

Kate said...

What a fun gift (and useful too!).


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