Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cocktail Wednesday

This week's cocktail was an adult root beer float.  It is simply a root beer float with vanilla vodka.  What could be easier?  I got the recipe from here.

We normally have cheap ice cream but decided that we should go a little fancy and got the good stuff.  My favorite root beer is A&W so we had to have that.

We put a couple of scoops of ice cream in the glasses...

Then filled about half way with root beer ..

We then added the vodka, about a shot in each glass and filled the glasses the rest of the way up.

It was pretty good.  I could really taste the vanilla vodka.  If I do it again, I'll either use plain vodka or less.

We think the vanilla vodka would be really good with orange soda.  Kind of like a creamsicle.  That's for another Wednesday ...

Next week's cocktail is another gin drink .. a Gin-Gin Mule, recipe from here.


Kate said...

Sounds interesting. I haven't had a root beer float in forever. I'd make them at home, but DT doesn't like root beer.

Alycia said...

That sounds like such a great evening dessert drink! Love your blog!!


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