Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 32 : Aug 6 - 12

Aug 6 - Chat Noir pillow cases -- really bad photography 
(and they've been sent on their way)

Aug 7 - design wall

 Aug 8 - Breakfast

Aug 9 - pillow cases (bday gift)

Aug 10 - pink chevrons

Aug 11 - a sight we don't see often

Aug 12 - Cocktail Wednesday


Southern Gal said...

So much sewing going on! Good for you. I have been busy going through all the papers and fabric and patterns stowed in every nook and cranny of my sewing/school room. I can't wait to get it to the point where I can enjoy it again!

Katie said...

Look at that a design wall

Kate said...

Looks like you've been getting in some stitching time lately. I like those pink chevrons.

Anna said...

love the creamsicle Idea! Maybe we will join you this Wednesday.