Monday, August 24, 2015

Cocktail Wednesday - Gin Gin Mule

This week's drink was a Gin Gin Mule.  This was a little more labor intensive than last week's root beer float, but not too bad.

The ingredients:

  • lime juice (I went for fresh squeezed)
  • simple syrup
  • gin
  • min
  • ginger beer (we used the alcoholic version - though the one in the picture is actually non-alcoholic)
I had to juice the limes but I already had the simple syrup made, which made things a little easier.

Basically, you muddle the lime juice, simple syrup, and mint leaves.  After that add ice and gin and shake away.

This mixture gets strained into a glass with ice and the ginger beer is added on top.

It was quite refreshing.  Tasted a little like alcoholic ginger ale .. I will definitely have this one again.

We don't have the next drink picked out yet, but I'll update here as soon as we do.


Kate said...

Sounds very refreshing!

Marg said...

Sounds good, you can't go wrong with Bombay Saphire.


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