Monday, August 10, 2015

Pillow Cases

My go-to gift these days is pillow cases.  If Shay were still doing "favourite things friday", these would show up in mine.  Here are some of the ones I've made.

For my #2 son -- his favorite football team .. (I also made some for my #3 son for his favorite football team as well -- not sure why there aren't pictures).

Super hero ones for the grandkids.

A housewarming gift for a fellow Doctor Who fan.

Birthday present for my OD. Again, forgive the bad camera shot.

Two more sets of Doctor Who pillow cases .. (birthday gifts for Nevada).

and the first one I made .. for Katie.

I also made some to match my YD's duvet cover.  They are quick and easy to make.  I usually use this pattern, but with French seams.

#36 on my list is to make pillow cases for me.  I think it's time for me to do that ... 


Southern Gal said...

Yes, it's definitely time for you to make a few pillowcases for yourself!
I love French seams. I used them for the first time 21 years ago when I made my first and only smocked dress for 5yo Rebekah. When I think about it ahead of time I try to use French seams.

Kate said...

Very cute pillow cases. What a fun and easily individualized gift.

Anna said...

Love that Idea. It is quick and it makes the gifts so personal. FYI Nigel loves Dr. Who too! He has been watching it non stop.


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