Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First Finish - 2016

So, it is almost the end of July and I just finished my first quilt for the year.  I have been a total slacker in the quilting area for quite a while now.  I finished piecing the top on March 31 (as evidenced by this picture).

 but it took me until this week to finish.

It is the same pattern as the last quilt I finished (in November of 2015) -- with a color variation (purple instead of blue).

So here is the quilt from last year.

and here is the new one. 

The quilting was similar on both quilts, but on the 2016 version, I quilted around the entire border the width of the presser foot.  I think it looks really nice.

When quilting, I constantly remind myself that I'm never unhappy with too much quilting -- just too little ...


Katie said...

Looks great I love chevron quilts

Southern Gal said...

I like the polka dot border. And I love the quilting on the border, too.
I can't wait to get my new machine (next week!) so I can actually quilt a little myself.


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