Sunday, July 31, 2016

Second Finish ...

After a long hiatus from the sewing room, I finished my second quilt for the year today.  It's another baby quilt (of course), this time for a friend of my YD.  She told me her colors were mint, coral, and grey -- and for some reason I thought she was having a boy -- so I ordered fabrics in those colors and went to work.  I blogged about the quilt on July 5 asking for advice on which border to use.  I ended up using a grey polka dot.

However, after finishing the top, my YD and I went to the fabric store to pick out the backing fabric.  While doing this I learned that her friend was having a girl, not a boy.  So my effort to make the quit more boy-ish, though effective, gave me a quilt that I couldn't give her.

So we got more fabric.  

I decided to do a four patch (I think that's what it's called).  I sewed four 3.5 inch strips together and then cut them in 3.5 inch horizontal strips and then began to sew them together -- but first I put them on my design wall to see how they would look.

Pretty but .. looks a little too much like candy canes, so I pulled them down and went with these four fabrics instead:  

I included two small blocks from my original "mint" fabric.

It went together really fast.  So here is what it looked like yesterday after I basted it ...

and finally, the finished project.


Katie said...

Good pucker! I just finished my second one of the year too

Kate said...

Both quilts are really cute. Now you have an extra waiting for the next baby shower!


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