Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday Wrap Up (3/17/17)

I might have to start planning to do this on Saturdays because Friday just seems too hectic ...

Good things that happened this week:

1. Had a glass of wine on the lawn of Retzlaff with Nevada
2. Played Catch Phrase with friends and family
3. Went on a long hike followed by breakfast at Mikayla's Cafe

Things that made me smile:

1. This from the bottom of my "weeping angel" mug (I love the "for best results" line ...)

 2.  This sign

Things that made me sad

1. Working late
2. Ugly traffic


Katie said...

At least there were more good things than bad.

Kate said...

Very funny mug. Love the fairy sign, too funny. Hope this week has even more bright spots and less un-fun stuff.

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