Saturday, March 18, 2017

Goals for March (Week 3)

First, let's take a look at last week:

1 - Visit Amanda - Done!
2 - One Grinch block - see note on #4
3 - two Round Robin posts - I added many more.  I'm up to 1953.
4 - work on baby quilt - wasn't able to do this and will put this on hold until my sewing room gets re-located.

5 - Make a new dish - Made crusted parmesan chicken with zucchini.  Recipe from here.  It was good, but not a very interesting or different recipe.  I need to try harder to do something new.  I guess it'll be good for a slightly different fried/baked chicken coating.

6 - Do research on planting for the garden - nope
7 - Straighten up my sewing room - nope (with moving the room yet again, I'll be setting up soon in another location)

and for this week:

1 - continue with the Round Robin posts
2 - work on my other blog -- finish adding my European vacation from two years ago.
3 - meet my step goal three times
4 - take a hike (probably the dish)
5 - Move my sewing room to the dining room
6 - help my YD pack her house
7 - send a card and a package to my OD


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Kate said...

Sounds like you had a reasonably successful week. Good luck with next week's goals.

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