Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Improvements

Here are a couple of pictures of the kitchen without the cabinets

 Well, not really the kitchen.  This was in the morning before we got started .. Michael came over with the kids and plopped Andrew down in bed with Grandpa!! What cuties!

Mark and Kelly in the kitchen -- with dinner.  (Kelly didn't want her picture taken so we just get the back of her neck.)

Fear the beard and note the refrigerator without magnets or anything on top.

 Taping on the wall of the family room - getting the baseboards painted.

Here's another shot of the family room.

 Paul's office .. with just about everything in it.

 And another shot of Paul's office ...

My former sewing area .. ;-(

 The dining room .. no dinner here.

And here's my next quilting project.  Don't know why I didn't take these out of the bag .. I will get started on it as soon as the house settles down some.  I need to have things together so I can start pulling my sewing machine out and getting to work.

1 comment:

Katie said...

looks like things are coming together. Tell Kelly the back of her head looks great and Mark that is one crazy beard.

Drew Bob might look more like Michael than Mikey does. LOL too cute.


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