Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog un-savy

Does anyone else have trouble with the texting / internet / blogging abbreviations?  It took me forever to figure out what lol meant (I thought it was "lots of laughs").  and I just recently found out what LMAO meant; it didn't help that I thought the letters were i-m-a-o.  and even more recently I noticed that so many people were using DD and DH on their blogs.  Since I'm a baseball fan, DH means Designated Hitter to me, but I knew that couldn't be what people were meaning with those letters.  So, rather than look really stupid, I searched on google to figure out those abbreviations meant.  This is the website I used.

Enough of that, here are some pictures of the fabric/blocks that will become my next quilt.  I really like the colors.  I hope it comes together well.

I'm going to make half square triangles tonight (I hope).  I'm using one of the squares from the pinwheel sampler I made last year.  Here's the tutorial for the block.  I'm planning on using this block for the whole quilt -- I may switch up some of the blocks.

Before I get the chance to sew, my grandsons are coming over and I'm hoping to get a haircut.  It should be a fun time.  Probably crazy, but good crazy.


Peg said...

Pretty fabrics - looking forward to seeing the quilt!

Shay said...

I just realised we're both doing HST's. I started yesterday. Scary since we both did Pure quilts recently....

I do use lol occasionally , but I rarely use text speak in actual texts.

Marg said...

Yep, It took me awhile to figure out the DD and DH, lol and lmao were easier as I have a teenager in the house who lets me know most of the abbreviations. Of course she would never use DD and DH and especially DM (darling mother, lol) either.