Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I haven't been doing any sewing/quilting lately.  My Bernina needs to go into the shop.  My sewing space is all boxed up and put away :(.  I can pull it out and work on it but I haven't been motivated.  In my defense, I have been keeping the house pretty clean (somehow I've still had time for my games though.

So, on Sunday we had an open house, so the hubby and the father and I left the house.  We went to visit my #3 son and his wife and #1 and #2 grandkids.  It had been almost four weeks since we had seen them.  I need to make sure that doesn't happen so much ...

These pictures are of Mikey trying to make a growly scary face.  Pretty cute.  Not so scary.  So I had to show him how to do it.

  That's scary!!!

Andrew is really getting bigger -- he's crawling now.  I made a video.  Let's see if it works (okay, so not so exciting for everyone .. you can just skip if you want).

Anyway, that's how I spent my Sunday.  After that, we had to get back to the house and the attack cat ...


Shay said...

Love Mikey's T shirt...I say that ALL the time and check out the big blue peepers on young Andrew!

Loved the video . I was shocked you all spoke with American accents-duh!

Katie said...

oh yay for videos of the boys. Drew Bob is getting so big since I was there. Before long he'll be walking and talking too. I hope the Open House went well. Hugs and Smiles!