Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilting again

Since I finished the linky quilt, I hadn't done any quilting until today.  I had done some cutting, but no sewing. My main sewing machine is having issues (or so I thought) and I need to take it in for a tune up, but I haven't done that yet.  I went ahead and pulled it out today and it seems to be working fine.  Yay!

Here's the first block.

And here are four together.  I like the pinwheel where the block connect.

I'm planning on 20 blocks and then a border -- maybe yellow or a green/purple mix.  Not sure.  Or maybe no border.   I think maybe I'll even start on the prom quilt.

The boys were over yesterday.  Andrew is growing up.  He's crawling.  He is a very happy baby. And he loves the camera!


Peg said...

Ooh, I like that pin-wheel block!

Shay said...

Love the windmills Thea....lovely variation on the usual and oh la la with those colours. Glad you got some sewing time in.

Marg said...

Those blocks look lovely. Such a cute face with those lovely chubby cheeks.
Great grandkids!!!

Katie said...

look at you with all the quilting. i haven't done anything. how was the open house?

Thea said...

6 down; 14 to go.

Shay said...

So you're more than 25% of the way there! Way to go. You're rocking those blocks!