Sunday, August 21, 2011

shaft houses, bridges, ruins, old buildings

This post is for me.  Please feel free to skip .. it's just some pictures of old shaft houses, a bridge, some old ruins and another old building.

While in the UP (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) this year, in addition to wanting to make jam, I wanted to check out the remaining shaft houses.  As time passes, there are fewer and fewer of these buildings remaining.  So, I went out and took pictures of three of them.  I think there is at least one more that I missed -- maybe more.

Next time .. maybe I'll have more time to look for more old buildings and ruins .. hopefully.

Centennial Mine No. 6 Shafthouse

Centennial Mine No. 3 Shafthouse


Kathy said...

I love this post! The pictures are beautiful and very touching. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Kate said...

Great photos!

Katie said...

I wish I had gone to see the Centennial Shafts they look cool. Were the hoist houses still there.

thea said...

@Kathy, thanks! @Katie, no, I don't think there are any hoist houses. The other one, I think, is Painesdale. We'll have to see it next time.

Shay said...

I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. I love old buildings and I think you have a particular eye for photographing them.

These would look great in black and white and framed for a wall.

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