Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Remember when I mentioned that we were going on a vacation that was sandwiched between two marathon drives? well, that was last week and I am so glad the drives are done, but really wish the vacation could have gone on.  I need to regroup, look at my pictures, and decide how I want to proceed.

Although this was taken from the car window, I think it turned out pretty nice (though putting the window down would have been a good idea).  This is the Quincy Mine in Hancock, Michigan, about 15 minutes from where we were staying.

On my vacation, I was able to knock a few items off my list.  

#7 - vacation with the kids (at least some of them) - 2 out of 5 were with us so that's 40%, I think that counts

#8 - see a sunrise

#19 - Go to Eagle Harbor
#33 - See both of my sisters 

I'll post more pictures in a later post, after I get my thoughts together...


Shay said...

The sunrise is just gorgeous. Cant wait to see more pictures !

Marg said...

Sounds like a good vacation. I'm impressed you took a decent photo through the car window, every time I do that I end up with half a tree or sky or reflections. The sunset photo is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

Kate said...

Oooh, sunrise over a beach, one of my very favorite ways to spend the morning. Great photos!

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