Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacation -- Lodgings

The cabin .. sleeps 9 comfortably and more if you want ..

and the close up of the front porch .. with my boys ..
#1 son (birth order)
 #1 husband
 the back door
 Inside ..
decorations .. because  I was missing the devil cat
a bear trap, just in case

the stairs up to the loft (which I didn't take pictures of)...

fish over the dinner table

#1 husband hanging out inside now.

and a sauna in the backyard ..

Katie found this cottage/cabin and it was wonderful.  Big kitchen, sauna, fire pit, fire place, washer, dryer, jacuzzi tub.  Really roughing it.


Marg said...

You poor thing, how did you cope?
It looks great, except for the (bob?)cat in the rafters and the bear trap, that would give me nightmares.
The husband looks well settled in!

Kate said...

Wow, very nice. We did some cabin camping for our vacation, but our cabin was a lot smaller and didn't have a bob cat. (Just as well, I'm not sure Kiddo could have slept with something like that looking down on her). Looks like everyone was relaxing, well except for you. Hope you got some in too!

Shay said...

I'm with Marg. That's a 5 star cabin! No wonder you had such a wonderful time.

Makes me want to run away and find a cabin to holiday in too. Men just know how to relax instinctively!

Katie said...

hands down the nicest cabin we have stayed in up in the UP. I would like to pick it up and move it to the beach!

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