Tuesday, March 27, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Weeks 11 & 12

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - sewed gq blocks
Friday - zip
Saturday - finished sewing gq blocks; sewed two rows together
Sunday - finished sewing gq quilt top; basted
Monday - quilted gq

Tuesday  - sewed on binding - another finish!!
Wednesday - tied pooh blanket
Thursday - planning stages for duvet cover (probably not 15 minutes worth though)
Friday - zilch
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - nothing else
Monday - still nothing

Okay, last week was good, this week not so good.  I finished a quilt but haven't started on my next project.  I have a few small projects I'm thinking about (maybe even for Christmas) -- but they are still in the thinking stage.

Check out the 15 minute challenge at Life in Pieces to see how everyone else has done this week.


libbyquilter said...

oh thea don't be so hard on yourself. sometimes (most of the time) that thinking and planning time really pays off in the long run.


Amanda said...

Planning even if it is just in your head I think counts it all adds up to the end result.

Sara said...

Agreed, thinking time totally counts as progress.

Shay said...

You were thinking creatively - so that counts !

Kate said...

You have to have time to think and plan if you're going to have a good start! It totally counts.

Kate said...

I'm finding some weeks are just that way. You don't get as much down as you'd like. Still not a bad two weeks.


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