Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Football

So football season is over until fall (American football, that is).  In my house, however, somehow they still seem to talk about it year round.  Either complaining commenting on the previous season or looking forward to the upcoming season.  Talking about who has or has not left the team either voluntarily or otherwise.  And it seems every week, that there is something on the news about one or more of the teams the various members of my family follow.  So, anyway, my YS asked me to make him a quilt of his favorite team.  He purchased the fabric and batting for it and I posted my plan previously, and here it is finished.

I looks pretty much like the plan.  I apologize for not taking a very good picture.  Also, I didn't have the striped fabric for the binding, but got some black/grey polka dotted fabric instead.

Here's the back.  I used fleece for the backing.  It's soft but I don't know how it will hold up.

My next project is either a duvet cover for my YD or a quilt for the daughter of a friend who has supplied me with tons of fabric.  I'll probably go with the small quilt -- may even do a tied fleece to go along with it since she bought fleece as well.  We'll see.


Marg said...

That's a great quilt. Nice simple layout but so effective. I'm sure YS loves it.

Katie said...

Way to finish it off. I had a top and almost finished back done this weekend hopefully I have time next weekend to finish it as they get married in two weeks

Sara said...

They don't sell fabrics for Aussie Rules teams, but I made a gold and brown (Go Hawthorn!) quilt a while back for myself. It's only little but I'm the only Hawks fan in our house, because in our family, children are encouraged to find their own teams. As a result, our house supports Hawks, Crows, Demons, Cats and Saints.

AFL is in pre-season here, also known as the NAB cup, which is played in weird three team games, where each team plays two thirds (?) against each other team.

Fortunatelly, the actual season is less than a fortnight away.

Shay said...

I bet that gets a ton of use. I like it a lot.

( football season starts here in a week or two so we'll be subjected to constant footy talk and the pain of 8 games each and every week )

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