Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Okay, not really, but I had to have a title.  Lots of football talk at our house not basketball .. now that we know that Peyton is going to Denver -- what happens to Tebow?? such a dilemma.

However, it's not mine.  I've been working on the GQ*.  Here it is -- before quilting.

I hope Sami likes it!

*GQ - girl quilt.  You know me with the creative names.


Marg said...

Ooh that was quick. It gets hard trying to come up with names doesn't it. i usually spend ages trying to come up with a name. Love the border print, so cute.

Shay said...

Peyton? Tebow? Denver ? It's like another language to me.

However I recognise a beautiful quilt when I see one. Well done !

Girl Quilt is much more creative than anything I name my quilts !~

Pokey said...

Funny, Larry stopped a Netflix show, 4 minutes from the end, to have a pressing discussion on Tom Tebow and Payton "the best ever" Manning. after listening (patiently, I do love my guy) I asked, "was there a reason we needed to hash this over now, with 5 minutes to go?" He pushed start, and we were done solving the urgent football problems of the moment....
Your GQ is sweet, of course Sami will like it!

Katie said...

Tebow will end up better off.

Great Quilt look at you go.

Samikins said...

Sami will LOVVVEEEEE it :)

Happy Birthday, MLW II !!

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