Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sara's Bird Quilt

When my mom was sick, my cousin Sara (and her husband) put us up in her house on many many occasions.  It didn't matter what time we got in.  It didn't matter how long we needed to stay.  She visited with us.  She visited with my mom.  She fed us.  She talked to us.  She bathed us.  She was very hospitable and loving and caring.  She made us feel welcome.  She made it so we could do what we needed to do.

Anyway, as a thank you, my niece Katie and I decided that we should make her a quilt.  Katie had some fabric that used to be my mother's which we decided to use as our focus fabric.  Katie bought some owl fabric and some peacock fabric that coordinated well.  We went to Ikea and bought some orange fabric.  And Katie found a fat quarter in my so-called stash that matched, as well.  Katie found a pattern she liked on the internet and we winged it from there. 


Fresh out of the dryer.

The back.  The brown fabric in the lower righthand corner is the focus fabric.

The front.

So, later this week, I will take it to the post office and send it to Sara.  When Katie posts pictures, I'll provide a link -- her camera is loads better.

Have a great weekend!  


Sara said...

The simple fact of the matter is that anyone who's name is Sara without an h is going to be awesome.

Marg said...

That quilt looks fantastic, Sara will love it. Love the colour combination.

Pokey said...

How creative you've been on the backing, I like the little blocks you've put into the white sashing. Love the blocks with tiny sashing in toe front, all so clever!

Shay said...

Sara's quilt is adorable. What a lovely thing to do !

Kate said...

Beautiful quilt, front and back. What a very nice thank you.

Anna said...

Wow! Sara will be so surprised!
That is so beautiful. You and Katie did a great job!


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