Tuesday, September 18, 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I'm joining up again with Kate at Life In Pieces for the 15 minute challenge.  I didn't do much during the week, but on the weekend things seem to have picked up.

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing again
Friday - worked on jeans quilt
Saturday - worked on jeans quilt
Sunday - worked on jeans quilt
Monday - worked on jeans quilt

I've got nine out of the fifteen rows completed on the jeans quilt.  If I keep at it, I'll have all the rows done by this weekend.  I am planning to add two more rows lengthwise and two more width wise, as well, to make it a little bigger.  I haven't cut those out yet, but I will.  Those rows will be all white denim and the backing will be more of my leftover flannel.  I'm excited about the way it is turning out.  I learned that I really need to pin before I sew each square.  On one of the rows, I only used a pin at the top and those square came out really wonky (another word for messed up).  I'm ignoring them but will not do that again.

I think my reluctance to sew is all the effort it takes to get started.  I have to bring all my stuff out.  Then I have to get the machine out of its bag and set it up.  (That really doesn't sound that bad, does it?) But I have to wait for the boys to go to bed if I really want to sew, or I have to be a mean grandma and I don't want to do that.  Someday I'll have more time and then I'll be sad that I don't have little ones around.

This is my substitute machine in its bag.  It's my daughter's sewing machine.  Thankful that I have it to use.

and here's Cooper!


Helsie said...

I'm a bit like you. I find it hard to get started and like to have no distractions so not much is getting done around here too.

Amanda said...

I love the fact that I have a sewing room with the machine always set up so I can just go and sew when I feel like it and not worry about tidying the mess, just shut the door when I am finished. Does make my time more productive and my kids are big enough to know not to touch what I have left around. Not a bad week though, good luck on finishing the rows.

Kate said...

You had a good week, sometimes the weekends are it for me too.

I was adamant when we moved in to this house that I got my own room for sewing. Sharing a room with My Guy meant I had to pick up his music stuff before I could sew and by the time I was ready to actually sit down and sew, Kiddo wanted Mom.


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