Saturday, September 29, 2012

September is gone ..

So for this last weekend of September, I wanted to post some "goals" or perhaps plans for the weekend.

finish the jeans quilt
make some coasters/mug rugs
get a pattern to make a bag
make some pillow cases
clean the bathroom
estate sales (?)
make a yummy dessert
go for a walk with my husband
go to the movies

I don't know how much we can get done .. I'm going to sleep on it.

Here are a couple of pictures of the jeans quilt ... before putting the "borders" on it.  I didn't have a chance to work on it tonight, but there are still two days of the weekend.


Shay said...

It looks wonderful! You've been busy in my absence.

I have a list of things to get done n the next two days that Im slowly working my way through. I doubt I'll cross everything off but Im going to give it a red hot crack.

Missed you!

Kate said...

That's a pretty ambituous list, good luck with it. The jeans quilt is coming along, I like both sides. Those brights on the back hit the right note.