Saturday, September 15, 2012

Used Jeans ..

Here are some pictures of the progress I'm making on my jeans quilt.  It's not a gift for anyone, I just wanted to try something new.

Here's my box of supplies that I take to my sewing area.  It now fits into the box, oh except for the batting.

Five rows are completed now.  There will be 15 in all.  here's the pattern I'm using.   Now that I read it, it will be 40 x 60 -- that's pretty small.  I don't know if I should make it bigger or just be happy with it.  It's bigger than the one I use on my bed, but still pretty small. 

Here's the back.  I was going to do a diagonal pattern and then decided I would do stripes. I kind of like the way it's looking.



Peg said...

Great quilt - looks like 'quilt as you go', a wonderful way to get the quilting done on smaller pieces. Good for you!

Kate said...

Love the jeans quilt, front and back!

Katie said...

I almost didn't recognize drewbob! The quilt is fun

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