Friday, September 7, 2012

the jar .. goals .. etc.

I briefly read through someone's blog, here, where they mentioned that they wrote down all their goals/ideas and then drew one a day to decide what to work on.  At least that's what I understood -- maybe not one at day.  Anyway, that sounds like a really good idea that I'm going to do tonight soon, maybe this weekend.  I've got Christmas presents, last year's and this, quilts, pjs, pencil cases, sewing kits, and other things that I really want to get to.  So this might be a way to motivate me.  Takes the decision making out of my hands.

I'll let you now how it goes.  Plus it's a good way to put my new canning jar to use.  ooh, maybe I'll use colored paper.


Shay said...

That's actually a great idea ! Maybe I'll do that and pull one out of a week!

Sara said...

I love pretty jars filled with rainbow stuff. Sometimes I keep the little triangles from when I trim HSTs and keep them in a jar, looking pretty, till I realise this makes me seem like a crazy hoarding lady. This on the other hand, is a totally justifiable reason to have a jar of rainbow stuff.

Kate said...

Cool idea, but I'd probably not follow through, I'd get side tracked. Your idea of using color paper in your new jar would be fun.

Pokey said...

Vintage canning jar+colored paper= good finises and fun!

Helsie said...

Well I must say I'm keen on lists so that's similar don't you think?
I usually work my way about halfway down before I lose the list/ lose interest but it's a start.
Good luck !!


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