Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - re-posted

I had a decent week this week with my drive to get the jeans quilt done.  There are pictures on my previous post.  I should do a close up of the seams so you can see the colors coming through on the front. 

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - one "border" row on jeans quilt
Thursday - pinned blocks for sewing
Friday - nada
Saturday - finished sewing jeans quilt; started snipping
Sunday -snipping - finished!! Yay! made three coasters; washed and dried jeans quilt

Monday - mended jeans quilt (spots where I had snipped a bit much) and photographed it too.
I am really happy with the jeans quilt.  I think it looks great.  I know it's kind of boring, the blue and white, but it is so comfy and warm and it makes me smile.

on to the next one .. two more to go to reach my goal for this year.

Check out the 15 minute challenge at Life in Pieces to see how others have fared done this week.


libbyquilter said...

a good week for you and i love your jeans quilt~!
we have one that i made twenty years ago and it's still in use as a cozy couch snuggle. my daughter always managed to snag it before anyone else as she was growing up and i've been thinking about mending it and sending it to her house to continue to enjoy. i imagine that it must hold some happy times memories within it for her . . .


Shay said...

WOW! what a week. You were a lean mean sewing machine.

You're so close to your goal . That's awesome! I really must pull my finger out and do some sewing.

Kate said...

Love your coasters. Are they for you or are you getting a start on Christmas gifts?

Congrats on a great week and good luck with meeting your goals.


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