Tuesday, October 23, 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Tuesday-Friday - lots of nothing
Saturday - picked up a quilting book at the library
Sunday - sorted scraps
Monday - worked too late to do anything

I'm trying to get back into it .. we'll see how it goes next week.

I'm stretching it to call it two days this week, but maybe if I put myself out there, I'll actually get started on something.

Anyway, to see what everyone else accomplished this week, click here to head over to Life In Pieces .. you can always link up yourself too!


libbyquilter said...

just revving up but i think you're motor is definately running. ;-)

btw: please come to my house and sort some scraps. for some reason it's my least favorite thing to do.


lesleyworth said...

you gotta start somewhere! hang in there!

Shay said...

Organising (ie sorting scraps ) is definitely a big thing...and often leads to inspiration for bigger things.

Good luck with your goals for this week.

Kate said...

Two days is a good start. Sorting scraps is a thankless job, so that might count as 2 days all by itself.

Amanda said...

At least your thinking about getting back into the swing of things. Catch you next week.


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