Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another week gone by

sooo, I haven't been blogging lately.

It's not that I don't want to or that I don't have time, it's more because I haven't been doing anything blog worthy.  That's not really fair though.  I was in Disneyland last weekend, at a conference.  Didn't actually make it to the park.

What I liked about Disneyland:  it felt safe; it was definitely kid friendly; good people watching; the people who worked there were friendly and helpful.

What I didn't like: it felt a little old (like it could use a face lift or remodel) -- the rooms were nice enough, just something about it felt, I don't know, almost shabby.  and then there was the music .. there was music everywhere .. that may have even added to the "old" feel.  

I didn't take nearly enough pictures.  I apologize for that.  There really was a lot to see but I was in meetings for the most part.

My wordless picture this week was of the hand holding the lamp.  If it weren't Disneyland, it would have been kind of creepy.

I just love Sleepy as the "do not disturb" sign.

Here are Woody and Buzz, made entirely out of Legos -- these were at least life sized (not toy sized).

and everything M-I-C-K-E-Y shaped (this is another light fixture).  We had some mickey pretzels and mickey cookies that I should have taken pictures of (but didn't).  The pretzels were especially cool. 

Other than Disneyland, it's pretty much been life as usual.  Not much going on.  I haven't done any sewing for a couple of weeks and that must end.  I need to get going. I wanted to make some coasters so maybe I'll work on that this weekend.  I could also finish up the potholders I made in June.  Maybe some small projects will get me back on track.  I also wanted to make some Farmer's Wife blocks .. and I was thinking today that I should try and piece together some of my scraps just to get rid of them... so much to do, so little motivation.

I really, really need to find some motivation somewhere.  Maybe I lost it in my mess of a room.


Sara said...

I know how you feel about the motivation issue... I should just do some small little quilting project, get myself a run-up on actually doing some substantial quilting, but I can't even seem to get myself into that, there's just too much set-up work before I can get to the actual sewing, so I just keep on doing clothes or whatever, that I can cut and sew in an hour, without getting out the iron and cutting mats and clearing space and all that.

I guess the problem is that we stopped and now we can't get started again.

Kate said...

Weekend conferences can really put a hitch in your stitching. Start small, sometimes just getting going is enough to get the motivation moving.

Katie said...

I am not a huge Disney fan.

Shay said...

Work related travel can really take it out of you. No wonder you've been slightly lacking in the motivation department.

I just go with the flow these days. If I feel like doing it - I do and if I dont , I just do something else and dont feel all that guilty. Life is too short!

Marg said...

Sometimes it's nice to not blog. Unfortunately I'm finding it too nice at the moment.
Work travel can be hard, places to see but no time to see it. Why did they pick Disneyland, it seems a strange choice?


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