Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Monument??

I always thought of a national monument as one of these:

However, on the day after Christmas, we went to Muir Woods National Monument north of San Francisco.  We figured there was a monument (i.e. statue or something similar) in the middle of the woods - however, the whole woods is called a “national monument”.  I thought it weird but didn’t pursue it any further.  However, I learned today that, on January 11, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a national MONUMENT.  Weird.

But this is why ..  “Though a region could be given national park status--indicating that all private development on that land was illegal--only by an act of Congress, Roosevelt cut down on red tape by beginning a new presidential practice of granting a similar "national monument" designation to some of the West's greatest treasures.”  ... from here.

Question answered.  Here's a picture from Muir Woods National Monument.

This is why I get these e-mails every morning from History.com (so I can learn something). 


Angie said...

Went there a few years back, it is wonderful! I find that to be much more monumental than a giant obelisk anyway. lol

Peg said...

Beautiful scene, makes me want to go there. And what a good idea - a history lesson every day! I love learning new things!

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