Thursday, January 27, 2011

Updates and advice

I need some advice.   My purely linked quilt isn't quite big enough.  I have more pure fabric I can add as borders, but I'm not sure how I ought to do it.  Should I just add several borders -- maybe three different ones, or should I make blocks out of the three fabrics make that a border?  what have you done that looks good?

I finished reading my first book "Murder Makes Waves"... two more to go for my list (#16).  Maybe three was not ambitious enough. Or maybe I should have selected three specific books, classics or something.  Well, now I know for next year.

This is my first $1 buy (and it only cost $.88) (#21).  Goldfish were on sale so I bought several.  My favorites are the graham crackers.


Katie said...

I say get crazy with your quilt! Of course this is coming from someone who had to sew three insides in a block yesterday because I didn't really make it right.

A goal is a goal - just an FYI some of them need to be attainable.

BTW - Nice Find! I prefer the pretzel kind myself.

Shay said...

If that was my quilt - I'd probably take the easy way out and make another row of linky blocks.

But I'm slack and anot a very confident quilter . What's your gut telling you to do?

I've read about those goldfish. I imagine theyre like our "shapes". Your whipping through that list of yours Thea!

Anna said...

Did you like the Southern Sisters book?

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