Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15 Minute Challenge .. week 20

After a long break, I finally did some sewing!  

Tuesday -- nothing
Wednesday -- zero
Thursday -- did some mending, a pillow case and the quilt on my bed
Friday -- made six blocks for the duvet cover; made a blanket for Cooper
Saturday -- nada
Sunday -- made two blocks BYG duvet cover, finished 1st mug rug
Monday -- nothing

I don't have any pictures to share.

I realized today that my sewing is kind of like when I draw in "draw something".  In my head, the drawings are elaborate; what I actually draw, on the other hand, are basically stick figures and blobs.  For the sewing, I need more practice to get away from the stick figures and blobs -- I need to figure out how to get what's in my head onto the fabric.

Check out the 15 Minute Challenge at Life in Pieces to see how other people are doing with their 15 minute challenge this week.


Katie said...

Stick figure quilts now that's interesting.

Shay said...

My quilts look elaborate in my head too, especially the quilting, but that rarely translates to the finished product.

Glad you found some mojo my friend!

Kate said...

A really good week!

Stick figures and blobs sometimes make for really nice quilts. But it's always good to stretch your horizons.

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