Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Inches??

I am hoping that this will count for number 50 on my list. I didn't say how long I had to wear them, but I think these are close enough to quality as six-inch heels! So I'm crossing them off the list! 

My YD and I went shopping for her boyfriend's birthday present and stopped by to see if we could find some flats for her.  These were in my size so I tried them (it) on and had her take a picture!

I just took a quick peek at my list and realized that I have to get started on some of the other things.  Like the Grand Canyon .. I need to make plans with my husband.  and the passport.  My OD is moving to the Caribbean for a while and she wants us to come in the fall, so I think I'll take the plunge and get my passport.


Katie said...

LOL! They look nice with jeans and t-shirts but I think I counts. I actually typed half a post up about my list the other day.

Anna said...

Could you even walk in them?

Sara said...

I don't know - it definitely said heels - plural. I agree that it was long enough (trying on pretty heels in the shop is usually enough for me too) but you should have put on the other one as well :)

Kate said...

Yeah for another one off the list!

Shay said...

Did you get a nose bleed wearing those shoes? What's the air like that high up?

I wouldnt have put the second shoe on either .I KNOW I would have toppled over flat on my face!