Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

I so easily get de-motivated.  One day away and the next one is so much easier and the next thing I know, it's been weeks.  So my favorite today is motivation and inspiration (check out Shay's Favourite Things Friday for other favorites today).  I get inspiration from different places.  Today I read this article about Jerry Seinfeld.  The calendar seems like a good idea.  There's also Pinterest.  What a great source.  There's the 15 Minute Challenge.

I was doing great linking up with this earlier this year .. but I got away from it for a few days, which turned into a few weeks, but I don't want it to turn into a few months .. 

The real question is .. what am I going to do.  Well right now, I'm going to make something for lunch and then I am going to work on the duvet cover.

Where do you get your motivation? How do you stay motivated?


Shay said...

I like the calendar idea too.

One way I try to get motivated is to do something for 15 minutes. Like tidy the house. It doesn't take long and often you're so close to a finish it spurs you on to keep going past the 15 minutes.

I turn to the internet for most of my inspiration craft wise. Starting something new is always motivating!

This was a very thought provoking post for me.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

To stay motivated, I let myself work on things a little at a time and remind myself I can't do it all as fast as I see some others do it. Then I don't feel discouraged.

Additionally, when I have big tasks ahead of me and I'm feeling the desire to have a finish under my belt, I look to a mug rug or coffee cup koozie. Just to feel done.

Katie said...

I usually just tell myself about how awesome something is

Marg said...

I am finding it very hard to get motivated at the moment. Too much pressure with trying to get the house sorted. I do like the calendar idea.

Kate said...

Since I have to post how well I did or didn't do at the 15 Minute Challenge, it keeps me motiviated to spend at least some time each week in the sewing room. Some weeks, it's not much motivation, but I'd be pretty embarrassed if I had to report absolutely zero for an entire week (not a good thing for the hostess).

I like the calendar idea too. Hope you are feeling more motivated soon.

Anna said...

Well, first you have to feel good inside and out. So if I am not feeling motivated
I take a shower, wash my hair, style it. and then check out the motivation. I also rely on the power of the external motivation (Words) from others. Can we do it? Yes we can!


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