Tuesday, May 22, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Week 21

Not the best of weeks, but at least I did do a little something .. very little.

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - made four blocks for the BYG duvet cover
Thursday - nothing
Friday - made diaper motorcycle; re-sewed the binding on the mug rug.

idea/tutorial from Sweetaprils.

Saturday - nothing
Sunday - more nothing
Monday - and even more nothing

But I'm linking up with Kate at Life in Pieces anyway .. if I keep linking up I'm bound to start doing something.

There's always next week ...


libbyquilter said...

hey~!~that diaper motorcycle is pretty cute~!!!~


Katie said...

Is that for cooper? I quilted 1/2 a quilt the other night - most I've done in weeks

Sara said...

That bike's pretty cool, I've only ever seen bouquets but that's really clever. I especially love the socks on the handlebars.

Shay said...

LOVE the diaper motorcycle. What a cool idea. It looks fabulous.

There has been a bit of craftiness going on here but nowhere near as much as I'd like!Maybe we should be cheering each other on ...

Kate said...

The diaper motercycle is very cute! Something is better than nothing. Maybe just the bit you did this week will inspire you to do more next week.

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