Tuesday, May 29, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Week 22

I am, once again, linking up with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 minute challenge.

Although not the best week ever, I am pleased that I did stuff  sewed 4 out of 7 days.  A defnite improvement.

Tuesday - made 2 byg duvet blocks; cut final block pieces, ironed
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - finished duvet blocks

Friday - nothing
Saturday - shopped for fabric; made sample "card trick" block; I have been wanting to make this block for a while. I am going to make some coasters using this block so I'll have to figure out what I need.  This one started out with 4 inch blocks, that were cut down to 3 inch blocks, and the block below is 8 x 8.  I need to figure this out.  I really like math so you'd think I'd enjoy this aspect of quilting. 

Sunday - sewed sashing in two rows of duvet cover
Monday - zilch


Shay said...

Your card trick block is wonderful Thea. (Looks complicated !) You aced it.

I think 4 out of 7 is pretty amazing considering everything else you had going on this week.

Kate said...

A pretty solid week. Love your card trick block! The duvet blocks are looking good too.

Thanks for linking up this week.

Katie said...

It's coming together! I see you changed the pattern of the duvet cover.


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