Tuesday, January 8, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Here's how last week shaped up.

Tuesday - finished piecing twisted quilt (Since this is going to be a baby girl quilt, I probably need to come up with another name. It is based on this quilt.) 

Wednesday - made diaper cake for baby shower

Thursday - family pictures (not crafty)
Friday - purchased border fabric
Saturday - sewed on border, basted quilt
Sunday - went shopping for other fabric; worked on crocheted cowl
Monday - quilted the twisted quilt

I need to finish the quilt this weekend. I had planned to finish it by Sunday night but that didn't happen.
Not sure what my sewing schedule ought to be.  I know that I want/need to schedule because that's part of being intentional, not that I don't want to be spontaneous, I just don't want to be impulsive.

Head on over to Kate's and see how everyone else is doing on their 15 minute challenge.


Shay said...

Squeal...love that diaper cake.

You did pretty well for the week all things considered. Im still trying to find my motivation!

Kate said...

That diaper cake is really cute!

Great week on the sewing/crafting front. I like the "being intentional" thought. That's really what a scheule is, a place where you write down your intentions. Definitiely food for thought for next week's post.

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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