Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - The List - Wrap up

So last year I finished 16 of the 52 things on my list and I made progress on a few others:

I watched all but three of the nine best picture Oscar nominees (#7);
I had only one weekend getaway with my husband (I had planned for two) (#8);
I made something for each of my children except for my DIL (#9);
I made 8 quilts this year (planned on 9) (#19); 

I only bought 23 $1 items (#21) -- I'd still like to work on that this year so I'll add it back in this year.

I'm hoping for a more intentional year and hopefully my goals aren't too wacky that I can't do better on them.

Here is a collage of my finished quilts.


Kate said...

That's almost 30%, so you did well on checking things off your list.

Your denim quilt is my favorite of the set. You had a good year for finishes too. Congratulations.

Anna said...

Good Job! I did the same number of my goals, but I had fewer so sone of my goals will be to get to at least 50% of my goals.
Tomorrow I will write up the list for this year. I am still thinking.

P. said...

Hey, you FINISHED all those pretty quilts - that's huge! The other 15 things on your list that you got done are just gravy.

My main goal this year is to finish all the UFOs I have left from 2011 and 2012. It seems doable right now, especially if I send a couple of 'em out for quilting, lol.

Buying 52 $1 items sounds like a lot of fun!

Marg said...

You finished more than me so that's a positive. I dont make goals for the year because I never ever meet them. Something to do with being disorganized I imagine. My favourites are the denim quilt and the middle top row. Looking forward to your projects for this year.

Katie said...

Well 16 is still pretty good, especially because some items were like monthly/weekly things. I thought you did some of these other items on the list like grand canyon did you drive over while in Vegas? No family photos were taken? Surely yes?

Shay said...

I think the reason for making a list isn't necessarily to finish everything on it but more to remind yourself of things you'd like to do.You did a good job of keeping those things in mind.

I cant go past the coin quilt as my fave quilt of yours for the year.


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