Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the 2013 list (or 52 things to do in 2013)

Here's my new list for the new year.  Not really a New Year's resolution, just a list of things I'm thinking I might like to do this year.

1. do12 things in 2013 to be healthier (i.e., one a month) - January - keep track of what I eat; February - go to the gym 1x a week; March .. hmmm - NADA; April, go to the gym 2x week; May - working on the c25k workout; June - going to the gym more (5 days a week); July - run 3 miles (30 minutes straight running); August - went to Paul's wedding -- somehow that worked; Sept ??; October ??; November _____________; December _____________
2. passport (this stays here until I actually do it)
3. go away with my husband for a weekend - DONE  - went to NY June 26-29.
4. make 9 quilts (same as last year) - 1) Addison's Quilt; 2) Time and Again
3) Blue Elephants; 4) the BYG duvet cover; 5) American Jane Quilt; 6) Stacked Monkeys; 7) Pink Elephants; 8) Baby Boy Quilt (in progress); 9) the do over (using pieces from Time and Again -- in progress); 10) Grinch Quilt (not yet started)
5. give more - done
6. make a grinch quilt - not yet started
7. pray more - doing
8. read a classic (suggestions please) - DONE - To Kill a Mockingbird
9. curtains for my room - hmmmm
10. cushion covers - DONE
11. spend time individually with each of my children -- 1) spent the afternoon with my OD before she went back to medical school; 2) carpooling with my YD, almost every week day; 3) had coffee with MS
12. "go" to Paul and Carolina's wedding - DONE (August 24, 2013)
13. try a new quilting technique - machine stitched the binding - DONE
14. sew something to wear - made pj pants
15. spend time individually with each of my grandchildren (intentional time) - took #1 Grandson to a friend's house when babysitting; took #2 Grandson to Diddams and McDonalds; took #3 Grandson ....
16. have six "dates" with my husband (1) 1/26/13 - went to the movies; (2) 6/22/13 - went to the movies (saw the new Star Trek movie);
17. call my sisters more (how much is more?) -- doing/done
18. go to Katie and Dustin's wedding (if I'm invited) - DONE
19. make a new soup - made Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili
20. participate in "Survivor: Kitchen" at least once (it was cancelled - now participating in Cocktail Wednesday)
21. See all Oscar nominated pictures (for best picture): Argo;
22. Read the Bible more - not there
23. See the Grand Canyon
24. Make a list of all the states I've been to
25. Go to a state I've never been to before
26. Make quilt for Rachel and mail out (finished, mailed - will post pics when received)
27. Buy 52 $1 items  - 1-6: "after Christmas" sale items box packs (4) and tissue paper packs (2); 7-15: packages of plastic cups (4), grinch bags (2), buckets (3); 16-19: old Vogue magazine, pattern, Singer alteration "book", Pyrex bowl; 20-23: bought four bowls for $.25 each; 24-25: bought two pyrex bowls for $.50 each; 25-29 - bought four baby bottles ($.50 each); 30-32 - jars/ribbon.
28. Get package together for Y and mail out - done received -- hooray!!
29. Purchase items for Z and mail out - done - received - hooray!!
30. Communicate with Trish, once a month - BUST
31. Be intentional about what I spend money on -- no impulse buying (be accountable HERE for any impulse buying). - TOTAL BUST
32. Make my bed 5 out of seven days of the week - NOT MEASURABLE
33. Say "I love you" every day - BEEN DOING THIS
34. Laugh more - not sure
35. Watch seasons 2 and 3 of Downton Abbey. (FINISHED season 2 on 1/13/13)(Finished season 3) DONE
36. Get another Tintin book -- OD sent me The Shooting Star

37. Get another Judy Bolton book - got a bunch
38. Take a trip to the east coast - DONE (trip to NY in June)
39. Read at least 6 books: 1) Unintended Consequences by Marti Green; 2-3) 7th and 8th James Patterson books; 4) To Kill A Mockingbird; 5-6) 9th and 10th James Patterson Books
40. Watch a sunset
41. See a sunrise - done - 2/9/13
42. Clean the oven
43. Try a new bread recipe - DONE
44. Do something nice for a stranger - DONE - helped woman pick up display case she knocked over
45. Work on being content - work in progress
46. Add money to my Kiva loans
47. Make sewing kits
48. Make a bag
49. Make pjs - DONE
50. Spend an entire day in my pyjamas (will I ever accomplish this goal?)
51. finish knit/crochet projects (3)
52.  make a new list for 2014

If you'd like to link up, I'd love to know what your goals/challenges etc. are this year.


Kate said...

Great list! But who are x, y and z? Must be secret code!

Marg said...

I love 18 I dare you to turn up even if you're not invited. I think you should aim to stay in your pjs at least one day in the next few weeks. It's nicer doing that in winter.
I definitely think you should participate in Survivor Kitchen, I promise no more lamb for awhile.

Katie said...

great list. I'm still working on mine. I think at this point I have only 22 items.

Shay said...

No 8 . Anything by the Bronte or Austen sisters. Emma is one of my favourites You could also try Tpo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I like Make a New Soup too ...I tend to stick with the same ones all the time.

Some great goals on that list Thea. I particularly like spend a day in my Pyjamas. You can do that ! I really need to make a list for myself ...I didnt do so well on my list last year .

Darling Jill Quilts said...

That is quite a list! Good luck!!

Shay said...

Not bragging- just saying- I make my bed every single day so that one would be easy for me to measure.

I really must do a survivor kitchen post so you can join in. And I dare you to spend the whole day in your pyjamas. It really is fun!


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