Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cocktail Wednesday

This week's cocktail is Caipirinha, apparently the national cocktail of Brazil (who knew a country would have a national cocktail??). It's made with cachaça, lime, and sugar.  Cachaça is Brazilian rum.  Fortunately, I had no problem finding it or the limes. Don't hate me - the limes were 3 for $1. I had three or four types of Cachaça to choose from so I went with the prettiest bottle.

The recipe came from here. Basically, the drink was a lime, two teaspoons of sugar, and 2 oz of Cachaça (oh and crushed ice).  Simple.  However, I didn't read the directions completely because I didn't add crushed ice until after the first sip - note my pathetic looking drinks.

One thing I didn't mention is that I detest rum (but I didn't let that stop me from joining in). I had a very bad experience with it about 35 years ago and had not had any since, until last night. I only had one drink last night because I felt I was pushing my luck just sipping it .. no bad consequences though so I may try this again .. or I may modify it by using vodka or some other alcohol. (Marg tells me that if I use vodka instead of Cachaça it's called a Caipiroska.) 

Both Shay and Marg (Quilting in My Pyjamas and Sunshine? Paradise?) gave Caipirinha a 5 out of 5 rating.  I haven't figured out my rating scale yet, but I would probably give this a 3 or a 4.


Katie said...

I would start switching the rum out. I hate it too

Shay said...

The vodka substitute sounds good too...

This one was pretty good I thought but fairly lethal !

Shock me - how much was the cachaca over there?

Marg said...

I normally won't touch rum, but I do really like this combination.
I'd like to know how much the Cachaça cost too. I'm sure it's half the price it is here. Limes are usually around $1 each here, sigh.

Kate said...

Sounds interesting. My experience with rum is limited to a few rum and cokes in my college days. And since I'm such a light weight where alcohol is concerned, I really don't remember if I liked it or not.


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