Monday, January 20, 2014

Help! Please!

I'm going to start a linky party for the monthly new projects but before I can do it, I need a catchy name.  Monthly Starts just doesn't sound cute enough.  Any and all suggestions welcome.



Peg said...

Hmmm....Start of the Month? The Monthly? I'm not good at these kind of things either!

Shay said...

This Month I was Inspired to Start....

New Beginnings?

Projects in Progress?

Im not great at coming up with names for things....(that wasnt a suggestion- that was a statement!)

Marg said...

I'm crap at coming up with names too.

Kate said...

Not sure if you are still looking, but here's my feeble attempt:

Quilt Starts
New Seams
Newly Pieced
Fresh off the Needle
Newly Needled
Fresh Seams

I'm done, you can quit wincing now.


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