Sunday, January 5, 2014

The List for 2014

So I'm a little late with my list.  Really had a hard time coming up with 52 this year.
But here we go ...

1. Get my passport (applied for on 4/30) - DONE
2. Spend an entire day in my pj's
3. Start one quilt/project a month (ideas:  Cat quilt (Oh Fransson!); Grinch Quilt) 1) January - baby girl quilt; 2) February - Grinch Quilt; 3) March - Zoom Zoom (1); 4) April - Elephants on Parade; 5) May - Improv Quilt; 6) June -- OOPS; 7) July - Go Fly a Kite; 8) August - Star Quilt; 9) Tiger Coins Quilt (Detroit Tigers, that is); 10) Gingham giraffe; 11) Sewing Kits; 12) No-sew blankets
4. Walk across the Mackinac Bridge (Labor Day - 2014) - DONE!!
5. Go to Jono and Lolo's wedding - done - 5/9/14
6. Make thimbleberry jam - about a thimble's worth - DONE
7. Run/walk 300 miles - DONE!! (according to fitbit anyway!)
8. Run in a 5K - Run or Dye (actually I walked) - the race was on 3/29 and I think the only picture I posted was of the packet I picked up on the 28th..,
9. Make 9 quilts - 1) Jelly Roll Quilt; 2) Another Jelly Roll Quilt; 3) Elephants on Parade; 4) Zoom Zoom; 5) another zoom zoom; 6) Go Fly a Kite; 7) Tiger Coins; 8) Gingham Giraffe
10. Make a quilt to donate
11. Take pictures every day and post them once a week (Starting Jan 4) - sort of
12.  Make curtains for my room
13.  Make curtains for the boys' room
14.  Do some hand stitching/embroidery.
15.  Try to hand quilt?
16.  Try free motion quilting
17.  Do a jigsaw puzzle (worked on a few ...) - Done (in Maryland)
18.  Visit my MIL - DONE
19.  Visit my Aunt and Uncle - DONE!
20.  Organize my office - Done (needs to be done again)
21.  Organize my room
22. Spend time with each of my kids - sort of
23. Go on 12 dates with my husband
24. Get caught up on Dr. Who - DONE!
25. Watch the current season of Downton Abbey
26. Plant some herbs (basil, rosemary .. something)
27. Knit something ... started a blanket
28. Sew something to wear
29. Participate in "Mission: Slimpossible" - done (Came in Second and 21st the second time around)
30. Buy 52 - $1 items #1-12 - Glassware;  items 13-24 - Puzzles/Games, Books, Sheet
31. Watch all Oscar nominated movies - bust
32. Go to a National park
33. Do a wine tasting in Napa - DONE
34. Take a road trip - drove from Houghton, Michigan, to St. Ignace, Michigan, and back .. should qualify.
35.  Swim in the Gulf of Mexico - DONE
36. Read 12 books - Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant,
37. Visit the Grand Canyon
38. Paint my bathroom
39. Watch a sunrise - DONE 9/5/14
40. See a sunset - DONE
41. Make a bag (made a clutch)
42. Do something kind for a stranger
43. Go to the beach - done several times ...
44. Go to Tahoe - DONE!
45. Get a new hairstyle
46. Watch a classic movie
47. Get another Judy Bolton book
48. Try a new recipe
49. Go bowling - went Bowling on 1/10 for YD's boyfriend's birthday
50. Volunteer (somewhere different)
51. Have a "fat" night - plenty, but not intentionally
52.  Make a list for 2015


Katie said...

Some of these should definetly happen!

Southern Gal said...

I'm not a list maker. YOu make me wish I were. ;)

Shay said...

I tried hand quilting last year and it was surprisingly calming..definitely give that one a go!

I spend enough time in pyjamas for both of us....

What exactly is a fat night?

Marg said...

I like your list. Staying in pi's all day, you need to do that! It's winter so you should do it soon!
I thought about taking a photo every day but I've already missed a day and it's only the 7th, sigh!

Kate said...

Great list! You have lots of fun stuff on it.


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